Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have this blanket. It's fleece, brown, rather ordinary and has been with me through every cross country move,  and new adventure over the past five years- not to mention countless days I've spent under some big tree, pen in hand pouring out my heart on paper. It's been around for some scary and beautiful adventures, and plenty of heartbreak. The kind you want to wrap yourself in with a good cup of coffee in hand, sit on a porch somewhere in the woods and just breathe. Recently, after traveling without it for nearly a month I came home and couldn't find it anywhere. I was not just baffled that I couldn't find it, but by the loss I felt in it's absence. As if a close friend had left me. After three weeks it made its' way back and I felt a wave of comfort just in knowing it was there and now appreciated it so much more than I had before. So many things in life are like that aren't they? 

Initially I didn't start writing to process through this attachment I hold to this particular blanket. I was thinking of our stories. Top of the world moments, valleys that nearly swallow us and quiet in between's when we are not sure of what is coming. Stories that tell of people that change us, of lives that intertwine and moments that define us. 

I can't wait for the story of this year to unfold. I am in love 2013. I love it. The road ahead is  like walking along a dirt road during twilight in the middle of summer. It's empty, lovely and holds a special kind of magic.  Not sure what is coming but breathless in anticipation for the unknown. Last year was a battle field, while this year I believe is going to be full of magic, whimsy, and the pursuit of joy. I find myself mending and while that in itself is full of curve balls, the subtle joyful anticipation of the unknown is healing in itself. 

"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked." Kahlil Gibran

After experiencing sorrow, joy takes a whole new shape. It comes in the form of quiet mornings, new friendships, an encouraging text, a stunning sunset, the newest single by Josh Groban- it takes so much less for joy to touch your soul. Your appreciation is so much richer. Hope finds it's way into your world again and it's wonder can startle you. It was that close friend you thought you had lost...... but are so very thankful came back to you.