Friday, October 23, 2009

Coffee Irony

So Im sitting in my favorite coffee shop in Bar Harbor, Cafe Milagro. Since Im leaving next week I thought I had better get my favorite coffee grounds to take with me for the winter! The funny thing about this coffee is that I found it here in Bar Harbor, the Dancing Goats, ( I love the French Roast) .....I sent it to my dad for his birthday since he loves coffee too. The irony is that it turns out that the coffee is roasted in Olympia, dad's hometown!! Just another reason I love the Northwest!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Summers Ending..

This past week has been full of wonderful memories and really sad moments. Friends that I made over the past six months have started to leave, people who become like family and you spend so much time with, all of the sudden are leaving. Its basically the end of the best summer camp you've ever been too (just with more drama and stress) Its so strange to think that when I arrived in Bar Harbor I had no idea what to expect, I really wasn't sure it had been a good decision. Spending six months here has been the best summer of my life; not to sound melodramatic, but it really has. Ive worked really hard, learned a lot about myself and who I'm becoming, made incredible friends and along the way had some pretty unforgettable moments with people. Last Thursday was my 23rd birthday, and it was such a great day. My friends did so much to make my day so special, it was the never ending birthday :)

I had the craziest experience a week friend Heather and I were walking around downtown Bar Harbor and she wanted to stop in this store to talk to this lady who does Medium & Physic readings. I didnt want to go in but she asked if I would come in with her and I knew her reasons for wanting to go, so I went with her. We sat down and the lady explained her abilities and what to expect. I felt completely calm around her....

Right away a friends grandfather who had passed communicated with her to speak to me, and then my grandfather who passed this summer. The details and descriptions that she gave were incredible, it was unlike anything Ive experienced before. Then Heather had some crazy stuff happen. At the end of it she told me that I was very gifted and that I ever chose to cultivate my gifts I would have very strong abilities, and that I was strongly tied to the spiritual world. Which Ive always known anyways because of my relationship with God. But to have someone pick up on it like that was...I don't think I can find the right word....

Apart of me doesnt want to leave Bar Harbor because its been this amazing experience, but Im coming back next season. Im off to work in Vero Beach, FL for the winter with one my favorite people :)
I feel so fortunate to have had this time here and cant wait to come back! I leave in two weeks for Florida, so it will be a quiet end of the season just packing, working and spending time with friends

Hope all is well

<3 Sue

This is the life :)

June 18th, 2009

Spending the summer in Bar Harbor is the ultimate dream. My days off consist of doing exactly what I would do on my perfect a book, go out for dinner, see a movie, have a picnic, take a tour, cook for friends....its wonderful. Adjusting to a new place and company always has its kinks but this is one of those places in the world that it is a treat to visit. I woke up the other morning and looked outside to the most beautiful morning I may have ever experienced in my whole life. This picture of the early morning right outside my porch was a breathtaking moment. I was supposed to be getting ready for work but I was in awe of God's beauty that I started taking pictures!In the past few weeks I have met some fantastic people, now that everyone is starting to arrive for the season.

It was a VERY quiet start here, it was a ghost town, as Im sure it will be when the major part of the season is over in the fall. But just this past week i have gone to the old movie theater Reel Pizza with some friends. Had a girls night out for dinner at a great restaurant, McKays, which uses all local produce, meat, etc. Went on a nature cruise for free with some people I work with. Bought my very first bike and took a great ride in the national park, although after an hour my legs felt like rubber! Last week I had some of my new friends come over for dinner for Tortilla Soup ( it was a hit) then went out dancing! Its just a great experience, and although I miss parts of home, this perfect summer vacation town is going to be probably one of the best summers Ive ever had.

The other highlight is my sister Julie is coming to visit in a few weeks! Im so excited to see her and go explore the area with her. She worked here with her now husband over 8 years she's excited to come back and see all her old spots! The pictures below are from a few weeks ago when a few girls and I went to the top of Cadillac Mountain to see the sunset. It was again BEAUTIFUL! FL sunsets and nights on Orcas Island in Washington are amazing but this was something special. It seemed to go on forever, as though it wanted to cover every inch of the sky and water. being surrounded by such beauty is humbling and thrilling all at the same time. Till my next update about this amazing adventure Ive been able to have! <3>

Settling in

June 5th, 2009

I left Ft. Myers a month ago today and it feels longer than that. But in the past three weeks that I have been in Bar Harbor I have had more quiet time to think, reflect and remember than I probably ever have. There has always been something going on, someone who needed something, some "fire to put out" ....but here there is just the day. Its what ever I make it and its a liberating feeling. We only have one chance at this life and it is only what we make of it. I know that in my life I want to experience and see all of God's great beauty in this world, I want to travel to every shore and witness every culture (or realistically as many as I can!), and somehow in doing all that I want to make a difference by bringing goodness and peace into people's lives. Maybe its the cold and rainy day outside, but I just felt like I needed to say that there is no reason to ever waste a moment of your life. Open your arms and your heart and experience all the good, bad, uncomfortable moments in life because its only then that you know you are truly living.<3 Sue

Days of Exploring

So I was the asbolute luckiest girl in the world the last two days. I had wed/thurs off and one of my 'new'friends let me take her car while she was working so I got to do the full Mt. Desert Island tour! It was gorgeous and sunny :) I spent hours yesteday and today in Acadia National Park driving and doing the 'park loop'. When I first started yesterday I went to Cadillac Mountain, which is the first place in the US that you can see the sunrise. Even though I do not like peering over thousands of feet was beautiful!
I walked one of the Carriage Trails around Bubble Pond which was beautiful. The neatest thing about the carriage trails is that they are strictly for horses, walkers and bike cars allowed! They are the original carriage trails from over a hundred years ago. One of these days I am going to spend the day horseback riding. You can absolutely feel the history here, can picture the people from a hundred years ago in this quaint, and adorable place. Being in such beautiful nature is almost humbling, in the way that you get to get the chance to see it. Sand Beach ( original huh?!) is my favorite spot so far, besides the library :) Its like its own secret place and its gorgeous! Thats what the above picture is from! Before I headed into the park today I went to 'Michelles Brown Bag Cafe', where they make the most amazing sandwhiches and wrap all up in a brown bag for you to take. Nothing like eating lunch on the ''Otter Cliffs', sitting feet away from huge waves crashing into the rocks. The two days I had off felt like an amazing vacation! Tommorow brings work and then getting to see ''Angels & Demons' at the old 1932 Critterion Theatre downtown
Good Nite :)

Bar Harbor

Wednesday May 6th, 2009

Morning! So yesterday I arrived in Bar Harbor Maine! Its cold and raining but absolutely beautiful. When I arrived at the Bar Harbor Regency where I will be working the hotel hasnt officially opened so things are everywhere. I had to clean an empty room to stay for the night, and after meeting some of the great people Im going to be working with I walked around the property. Its right on the water and I mean literally.....its the largest hotel in Maine and it truly is beautiful. Bar harbor was the playground for Proctor & Gamble, Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. So needless to say the area is beautiful and many of the hotel properties have been around for awhile. I was able to go into downtown and its darling. They even have a chocolate shop & a Christmas shop!

Who would have known that Maine is the largest producer of blueberries in the nation (one of my favorites) :) Im sharing a 2 br suite/apartment with a neat couple from Brazil. We are at the top of the Park Entrance Motel; the motel is closed till July but alot of the rooms will be filled with people working at the hotels. We have the most amazing view, overlooking Fishermans wharf.

Last night was quite the experience! I was one of four people staying in the whole 281 room it was a little eerie! Its a good thing I never saw the Shining otherwise I would have probably been terrified. I went last night with some neat people for Cinco de Mayo and saw a movie at Reel Pizza( this really original movie theatre)

New York New York!

Monday May 4th, 2009

Last thursday, after weeks of running around and getting ready to leave for Maine I flew out to NY! My entire life I have heard amazing things about New York City, but never really knew ; I was so excited that I was able to spend some time with my cousin Sara and her family. I had the most amazing time! Friday Sara had to work and so I braved NYC all by myself! Taking the train from Tarrytown (which is the neatest little town) into Grand Central was a great experience. There is nothing like Grand Central, there are so many people it can be incredibly overwhelming but is without a doubt a beautiful building.

When I first stepped onto Vanderbilt Ave I just wanted to look at everything! I walked around for hours and saw so many things! I saw Times Square, St. Patricks Cathedral, 5th Ave, Saks, Bryant Park and the UN! That had to be my favorite part of the whole day. Saturday Sara and I headed into the city and took a double decker tour bus and saw so much of the city. The one thing that kept me in total awe of NYC was how many people there are.....CONSTANTLY!We had a fantastic dinner at Carmines ( a famous Italian spot) and had the most amazing food! After our huge dinner and some of the best strawberry shortcake Ive ever had we headed out for our Broadway Show. We were able to get a ticket for the show Wicked, which was incredible.Everything about NYC was extraordinary! It truly is a world unto itself. Ive seen quite a few places and so far it has to be one the neatest.

This morning I took a plane from JFK and am in Portland Maine for the night. I was totally exhausted from my three full days in NY but made myself take a cab down to Old Port on the wharf. Portland is a neat town and it was interesting to see what the vibe of the city was like! I grabbed a fresh Maine lobster dinner at Gilberts on the wharf. So Id say ive had quite the start to this adventure of mine!

Getting Ready

In a month I will be flying to NY and then to Bar Harbor Maine! So the next few weeks will be spent running around getting everything in order so I can leave for six months. As hard as it will be to be away from the special people in my life for such a long time, I know it will be an incredible experience. This is apart of my journey and hopefully while Im up there I will find out more about who I am and where my life is headed. There are so many questions, so many decisions, and Im sure I feel like most people in there early twenties with the feeling that the whole world is at your finger tips....but where do you go? What is your purpose? Its been good to be home for this time close old doors and make some amazing new relationships, and rebuild some old ones. But honestly, Im ready to go for away awhile..... Life is always in transition it seems, and to be successful you have to be able to adapt to the twists and curves. All in all I am looking forward to the people I will meet and the adventures I will have over the next 6 months!