Friday, August 30, 2013

We Few, We Happy Few, Resilient Of Heart

To The Crazy Ones,

I debated whether to write a letter to this community, for we are always in so much transition and there are so many farewells and send offs. But I realized that I had to, if not only just to be able to say it once. Today is my last day at Invisible Children. I walked through the doors three days late to Congo Tour January 2011. Kelsey had called me the Friday before and offered me an ambiguous job as a Movement Intern and I told her yes-I would come. It was terrifying to get on that plane, for I had no idea what would meet me upon landing in San Diego. Beks picked me up from the airport, Bryce was house dad and I thought I had joined a commune (#soserious).  I didn't know if I fit…I wasn't a hipster…goodness I didn't even know what that meant! I felt too stiff for the environment and although I was awestruck by the work ethic, belief and crazy didn't know if I had what it took to last.

But something happened: I fell in love with everyone. This cause I had cared about since I was 19 was now my real life and I was heart deep in the pursuit of ending the LRA. Very quickly the family of Invisible Children and the work we've pursued became part of my DNA

Over the past 2 ½ years when sharing stories of this place with friends and family I always say “ _____ is so wonderful” / “______is amazing” and people look at me after 10-15 minutes and say “ You've said that about everyone”. I've always answered “well, it’s because it’s the truth”. What I have realized and, what Jed said so well at his send off, was that it’s not that this place and these people aren't real life. It’s just what humanity and real life should look like. We are so lucky.

To This Family-

You have challenged, inspired, humbled me and caused me to rise higher- and to dig deeper. You've celebrated my nostalgia, sentimental personality, love of parties, and pursuit of whimsy. I have never felt more liberated and freed to be exactly who I am than I have since stepping into this community. You stood with me when I lost my uncle and surrounded me with the most beautiful love I have ever known. The seasons of my life you've saturated will stay with me always.

I am leaving the daily work of Invisible Children because I feel strongly that God is leading me into a new season. Even though I have no road map for next steps, I now know what I am capable of, and it’s not because of what I will list on my resume. It is because of you.  Each of you have changed my life- and impacted my story. You have seen me, loved me and taught me what it means to truly live.

My intention is to carry Narnia with me to all places, for it’s a magic that shouldn't be held too tightly to our chest. But more than the magic, I will take the fight for justice, the work ethic that defies any status quo, and the belief in people and their potential.

Thank you for every way you've caused me to ask the hard questions and pursue truth. So proud to be alongside you in this journey called life.

Love you to the moon & back.


“If you are what you should be – you will set the whole world on fire”  St. Catherine of Sienna

Monday, August 19, 2013

Superheros...They Are All Around Me.

Eight days ago the Fourth Estate Summit happened. 

When we started the planning process six months ago, it was evident that it was going to be bigger, more complex and harder to pull off than the first one (times 100) and I knew that I needed an incredible team alongside of me. God knew before I did, every person that would need to be along for the ride to make it a reality. The Wolfpack assembled and this group of people has actually rocked my world. #Avengers

For the past five months we worked on the logistics and experience of a 4-day Summit with 1,500 participants that contained: 
  • 5 Main Sessions 
  • 15 Breakouts
  • 8 live shows (concerts) 
  • Dance (Club) Event for 1500
  • VIP Fundraising Event for 250
  • Common Good Exchange ---60 incredible organizations that came together for a "fair" type event

I told someone the other day we couldn't really define it as a conference  and they said " no-- it was definitely a Palooza" ;) perfect words. 

Hans Zimmer (yes the Hans Zimmer & team) composed us an original score for the event It was real and beautiful--listen here. , Samantha Power was our closing guest speaker,.....we had dynamic speakers and panelists throughout the weekend and in general it was so beautiful you could hardly believe it was real.

My head and heart can't actually comprehend what just happened, what we pulled off together. The team at Invisible Children is extraordinary. Not just because of the people that compose it, but for the countless ways people become superheros in their service of others, the boundaries they push to make magic, the attention and intention that encompasses every detail.  

I walked away with an even deeper profound love for this community and the future of Fourth Estate. It is a belief and collective of people that can actually change the world. If you don't believe me....listen to that score and then tell me you're not ready to go fight for justice for all. 

Rooted in every person creating it was the pursuit for it to be unlike anything ever before...... and it was. Through dedication, sacrifice, and challenging ourselves to do one better....four days unfolded that will have an impact we may never fully realize. Working alongside the team at Invisible Children was something that has forever changed me. I've been with this amazing community for 2 1/2 years and I've seen miracles happen countless times. This was just different. Because when you believe you've reached your personal limits, there is a beckoning call to rise higher, to dive deeper, push a little harder. Everyone answered that call and together we created something that was life giving and profound.  

It was beautiful...and we did it.