Saturday, June 19, 2010

Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...

Last weekend I flew home for Sarah's high school was even more important because the whole family was going to be together....and who knows when that will happen again with all of us dispersing all over the country! Three days in SW FL in June made me remember all over again why I am not a fan of the state... especially in summer...phewww was it hot!!! It was a great few days though....catching up with everyone and celebrating Sarah's big day. My favorite part of the weekend was when Jules and Chris told us about their adventure to Africa....although I stayed in touch via email the whole time with Jules, its different hearing the stories firsthand....and oooo the pictures were incredible! Just seeing those unbelievable shots on their safari, their hike through the Impenetrable Forest (with fuzzy baby gorillas), the view from the hotel in Serengeti.....makes me want to travel there even more.

On Monday when Sarah and I were about to leave for Bar Harbor we all went to grab coffee 9and of course tea)....together and sitting there looking at my family I just couldn't believe how far we had come. My little sisters were turning into these beautiful young woman, Julie is married and writing her own adventure, Mom is about to enter the quietest time of her life ;) I am so blessed to be apart of these sisters and I..although VERY different have formed a bond over the years that I can;t imagine my life without them.

We are all definitely entering a new chapter in our lives and within our family....but the prospects of whats in our stories is extremely exciting!

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