Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unexpected Brilliance

Brilliance....how would you define it? Right now I would say it's knowing you are exactly where your meant to be, although you may have no idea what lies before you. Three weeks ago Invisible Children offered me a position for this Fall as Lead Movement intern. My heart & intuition screamed YES, but the more practical side of me needed some time. Time to think and weigh out if it was the most practical decision. It took my best friend asking if I didn't stay would I regret it? Knowing that with 100% certainty I would.... I found my answer. So I am officially staying at Invisible Children until December, pioneering a new role within Movement and being given the chance to step into what I love. The road before me is unknown, I do know that it will be brilliant.

Brilliant because of the people I am about to meet, the stories yet to be created and told. In making my decision to stay I realized how could I even question whether it was right? I asked God to direct me, to open the doors, to help me find something that answered the call in my heart. He pursued me when I had forgotten what that felt like, and in turn has daily blown me away. Living a life that demands explanation, striving for authenticity, and being on the front lines of redefining this generation....that takes being prepared to do the uncomfortable.

The other day I had a wonderful conversation with someone I've only met briefly. It never ceases to amaze me how many of us (especially mid-twenties) feel this restlessness in our hearts, knowing it's time to shake things up but not necessarily knowing how or when. I wonder if everyone feels it? So many are able to sit back and let life pass in the most normal of ways. But then there are the ones that can never quite get away from the feeling of knowing there is more, wanting to find it, scared to jump, never quite able to shake it. Ultimately we either dive headfirst into the unknown or risk never meeting our true destiny, our true selves.

There is something incredibly special that lies within the hearts of this generation. Compassion, awareness, a fight for what is right, and the courage to stand up and create change. Most don't even comprehend the power they hold, I am just beginning to grasp it. Can you imagine if we all answered that call? If each of us were to strive to reach our greatest potential?


I am surrounded by those very human beings every day, and I know the change that happens when they are joined in force and cause. The power that comes from being united in fighting for something greater than ourselves, it produces...brilliance. Brilliance that is endless, that inspires and empowers those around us.

I hope that everyone has the courage to answer that call, prepared to be ruined so that your own destiny can follow suit. Your story is greater than you can imagine..... and it's happening right now, the rest waiting to be written.

May life lead you to your unexpected brilliance.


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