Sunday, January 29, 2012


I read a novel last year where the story was of a coin going through the "minting" process. Last month as I reflected on 2011 I realized that was what last year was for me. A time to be stretched, challenged, exhausted, pushed and to see what and where my abilities truly lie. As 2012 unfolds the theme that keeps presenting itself is "refinement". Refining where your already at can be more difficult than the process that got you there in the first place. I am looking forward to the process though....because somehow I was given the chance to live out a job that answers to dreams of my heart.

Thinking of a few years back I literally threw myself headfirst into what I knew would challenge me. Knowing there was more to my story, more of what my life could look like I went searching. ( in the sense that i sold my car, quit my job, moved out of my comfortable condo with the most amazing closet) While having what can only be described as a carefree adventure of your early twenties- a confidence showed itself and equipped me for what was about to come. Where I am at right now couldn't of happened without my nearly two years of traveling, working and soul searching. I wonder though who I would have become if I hadn't dared to just go looking for my story?

As you see change take place within yourself, and when you are far more daring than you expect.... my question is how do you sustain that? I don't want the quest to find all that life holds to be limited to my twenties, but to carry the momentum throughout my life.

I never want to stop being stretched, to become complacent.....I always want to stand facing life with open arms at the edge of the cliff saying "I'll jump" ...because it is then that you find what you are truly made of.

So if you haven't found yourself in that "minting" process go search for it. Because what you will find at the end is surprising and will forever. change. you. Find something that answers the whispers of your heart and people to be alongside of you on that journey. If it is anything like mine it will awaken you in ways never anticipated.

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