Monday, May 17, 2010

Back To Paradise!

Im here!! Bar Harbor that is....and after six months away Im absolutely thrilled to be back. Its crazy to think that a year ago I was just arriving here and not knowing what my experience would be like. A year later, this place and these people have become apart of me. This year I was given a new posistion working as the assistant to Human Resources and Accounting....which is a far cry from what I have been doing for the past 4 1/2 years. The past two weeks that I've been back have flown by, trying to learn my new job and being at the start of another season....but there is never a dull moment, which is probably part of the reason I enjoy being here so much. Beside's being in one of the most beautiful places in the country, I get to work with awesome individuals everyday.

Being back for a second a way felt like coming home. I guess its safe to say that I sort of fell in love with Maine :)

The restaraunts are incredible.....the nature is out of this world....and there is something so fundamentally down to earth about this place thats its like a breath of fresh air. It may sound cliche but its how life should be....

In a month, my sister Sarah is coming to spend two months working up here. To say the least...I CANT WAIT :) Having family here for a bit will make my season here even more phenominal. Two of my best friends are coming in July ( which Ive already starting planning our Iteniary)

I know most people in my life are a little tired of hearing how much I love being in Bar Harbor....but to you people....I think you should just come visit :)

<3 <3

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  1. Amazingly eloquent writing. I could read all night. Keep it up! Dig down deep and share the richness that is "you".