Monday, March 8, 2010

Tequila & Salt

Have you ever had one of those just wonderful days alone? A day when nothing seems too overwhelming and all there is just you and whatever you choose to do with the minutes that compose it? That was my day :) Lately I have had so much on my mind, which in turn is affecting my much loved time of sleep (which never happens....i LOVE sleep) When I woke up today my mind, although still processing a thousand things, was peaceful and in turn I was able to just take a deep breath. The past few weeks I have just realized every day how incredibly blessed I am in this life. I look at the intricate parts of my life and see how loved I am....all the pieces (people) that make me who I am are simply....phenomenal. ( I realize too that I dont tell those people often enough) For whatever reason God just continues to put fantastic people in my path...I love when precious new people enter your life..ones that you have the feeling will be around for a long time. I have always been blessed...even during hard times...and Ive just been reminded how many truly wonderful people I have been given to share this life with

Today I started reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert...and Im a 1/4 of the way into it and its a stellar book. Ive always been able to immediately immerse myself into a good lose myself in whatever the story is and fly through it...while still getting the full experience. This is the first book Ive ever read...that I want to slow it down. It is a self biography about a woman who spent a year in Indonesia, India and Italy in order to find the perfect balance of life for herself. After heartbreak and really spend the time finding her sense of the divine and what life's purpose is. I have really connected to the book and am loving taking it slow so I can process the different things that come up by reading it.

I'm COUNTING DOWN the weeks I have left till I have another season in Bar Harbor... Although there will be a lot of work and time away from my family.....I fell in love with BH...and the NE last year. Going in this time I have a list of places to go and see....and for the first time ever I will have a pretty set schedule so I can plan my mini adventures.(Itin is back) The biggest highlight is my sister Sarah is supposed to be coming after her graduation to work up there.... I get her for two whole months!

I hope this finds you in a place where you feel loved and life is full of happiness...if so treasure it....if this finds you a little blue remember there is always someone in this world that thinks of you at the end of their day...and someone you don't even know exists...already loves you

<3 <3 <3

p.s. if your wondering about my title....I heard this neat saying i now love.."if life gives you lemons...ask for tequila & salt" ...sounds good to me

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