Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jump First...Fear Later

"Jump First Fear Later" is going to be my new motto for life...completely adopted from the IC values! I spent exactly two months at home visiting friends and family.....there were times that were both wonderful and painful, but all in all it was great to see the people I love. In those two months I spent a lot of time soul searching, doors were closing left and right. I didn't understand what was happening (and I still don't really)....but I felt as if my life was about to change in a huge way. Two weeks ago I received a call from Invisible Children, a non profit organization that I have cared deeply for over the past five years. If you haven't heard of them go to and let yourself be blown away by their mission. They called and asked if I would want to come and be a Movement Intern until May and without hesitation I said YES!! Some may think I am out of my bloody mind, volunteering full time until May, working towards ending the war in Uganda and preventing further conflict in DR Congo. But there was not a question in my mind that I had to be apart of their efforts. I have been in San Diego a little over a week, working and living with 63 people and totally out my comfort zone. There are not words to explain how totally...incredibly...awesome these people are. They are all from 19-30's and from all walks of life, but unified in this one passionate goal. IC is launching their twelfth national tour to screen their newest documentary Tony. It is the story of Tony ( who was featured in the first documentary) and follows his life and how he has been affected by the war in Uganda. It also shows the evolution of Invisible Children over the past eight years and the new initiatives that are happening in the DR Congo. This past week I have learned in depth the conflict happening in the DR Congo and how much needs to happen. Being faced with real problems, tangible suffering brings you to reality quickly and haltingly.

I felt as if my life and direction was about to I have no doubt. I can't tell you how yet but its happening. In the past week I have been so humbled by the amount of love, compassion and humanity that flows through the people I am surrounded by. My heart already feels stretched and I can tell that this experience, unlike any before is going to radically alter my path. Feeling overwhelmed doesn't even begin to describe it....

I had lunch Friday with some of the IC staff and sitting beside these people who have inspired me for years....and realizing that I am now apart of their work...... was mind blowing. But that revelation made me realize that now is the time to step up, and work harder than I ever have before. It is time to step into my full potential and use the gifts I have been given.

so excited for what is to come!


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