Saturday, February 12, 2011

How do I even begin to describe this past week......

Days filled with calling high schools, churches and colleges across the country booking venues for the screening of 'Tony', reaching out to contacts trying to build the excitement for this epic tour. A tour consisting of 1700 screenings, 17 teams, 50 states and over 500,000 people......pushing forth a movement to end a war.

On an average Wednesday night being given the opportunity to hear from Lt. Colonel Africano Mande of the SPLA and learning of his intense journey of fighting for freedom and a country to call his own. Then directly after being literally....completely....and utterly blown away by Jason Russell ( IC co-founder) with his insane wisdom and honesty. His words moving and freeing, but calling you to strive for a higher depth of authenticity with both yourself and the world. Oh .....and then..... just going to the San Diego airport with the entire IC team to pick up our 19 Ugandan advocates. Standing in the airport surrounded by these stunning people realizing that five years ago sitting in my dorm room watching the 'Rough Cut', in no way could I have imagined the depth I would be involved. I knew then that my heart was forever changed by the story but didn't know how it would alter my life.

I've literally been here one month, but I know that being faced with the issues of this conflict, and the depth of education that I now have, there is no way I can ever turn away. That life will never be the same.....that its getting 'wrecked' in the best way possible.

So that was my week......well just a a small part of it...
to those I haven't had a chance to talk to ...I LOVE YOU!

....more to come...... <3>

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  1. I love you. I knew it was a Set up. Do u know how much God loves you and desires your heart? " For I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU!" No way to keep playing "small". Step into the truth of who you were born to be.........