Thursday, February 11, 2010

Set Fire To The Third Bar

Today I am feeling very sister Julie is volunteering in Uganda with Doctor's for Global Health. Reading her updates of what she is doing over there...really gives you a reality check.
Hospitals with little or no medicine, staff and supplies....parents who dont understand or dont have the ability to properly care for their children. A viscous cycle that can never really be ended until the world steps into countries like Uganda and makes a difference. We are so clueless in our little bubble of reality...we (myself included) think about what else we can get for ourselves. How to make our life more fun or comfortable. Not in a selfish way, just in the way that our society perpetuates us to think. For example since the devastation in Haiti Ive heard people refuse flat out to not give to Haiti because ..."why should we help them?" ....even if your poor in America you are still a man of riches in a country like Uganda or Haiti. Our way of thinking of is so distorted....and it is something I know as a person I want to work on. Maybe I wont be able to fly around the world and make a huge difference...but I can everyday in small just takes a conscious effort....

If your in FL ...enjoy the beautiful cool weather :)


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