Monday, October 19, 2009

Days of Exploring

So I was the asbolute luckiest girl in the world the last two days. I had wed/thurs off and one of my 'new'friends let me take her car while she was working so I got to do the full Mt. Desert Island tour! It was gorgeous and sunny :) I spent hours yesteday and today in Acadia National Park driving and doing the 'park loop'. When I first started yesterday I went to Cadillac Mountain, which is the first place in the US that you can see the sunrise. Even though I do not like peering over thousands of feet was beautiful!
I walked one of the Carriage Trails around Bubble Pond which was beautiful. The neatest thing about the carriage trails is that they are strictly for horses, walkers and bike cars allowed! They are the original carriage trails from over a hundred years ago. One of these days I am going to spend the day horseback riding. You can absolutely feel the history here, can picture the people from a hundred years ago in this quaint, and adorable place. Being in such beautiful nature is almost humbling, in the way that you get to get the chance to see it. Sand Beach ( original huh?!) is my favorite spot so far, besides the library :) Its like its own secret place and its gorgeous! Thats what the above picture is from! Before I headed into the park today I went to 'Michelles Brown Bag Cafe', where they make the most amazing sandwhiches and wrap all up in a brown bag for you to take. Nothing like eating lunch on the ''Otter Cliffs', sitting feet away from huge waves crashing into the rocks. The two days I had off felt like an amazing vacation! Tommorow brings work and then getting to see ''Angels & Demons' at the old 1932 Critterion Theatre downtown
Good Nite :)

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