Monday, October 19, 2009

Summers Ending..

This past week has been full of wonderful memories and really sad moments. Friends that I made over the past six months have started to leave, people who become like family and you spend so much time with, all of the sudden are leaving. Its basically the end of the best summer camp you've ever been too (just with more drama and stress) Its so strange to think that when I arrived in Bar Harbor I had no idea what to expect, I really wasn't sure it had been a good decision. Spending six months here has been the best summer of my life; not to sound melodramatic, but it really has. Ive worked really hard, learned a lot about myself and who I'm becoming, made incredible friends and along the way had some pretty unforgettable moments with people. Last Thursday was my 23rd birthday, and it was such a great day. My friends did so much to make my day so special, it was the never ending birthday :)

I had the craziest experience a week friend Heather and I were walking around downtown Bar Harbor and she wanted to stop in this store to talk to this lady who does Medium & Physic readings. I didnt want to go in but she asked if I would come in with her and I knew her reasons for wanting to go, so I went with her. We sat down and the lady explained her abilities and what to expect. I felt completely calm around her....

Right away a friends grandfather who had passed communicated with her to speak to me, and then my grandfather who passed this summer. The details and descriptions that she gave were incredible, it was unlike anything Ive experienced before. Then Heather had some crazy stuff happen. At the end of it she told me that I was very gifted and that I ever chose to cultivate my gifts I would have very strong abilities, and that I was strongly tied to the spiritual world. Which Ive always known anyways because of my relationship with God. But to have someone pick up on it like that was...I don't think I can find the right word....

Apart of me doesnt want to leave Bar Harbor because its been this amazing experience, but Im coming back next season. Im off to work in Vero Beach, FL for the winter with one my favorite people :)
I feel so fortunate to have had this time here and cant wait to come back! I leave in two weeks for Florida, so it will be a quiet end of the season just packing, working and spending time with friends

Hope all is well

<3 Sue

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